On nom nom nom

My summer has been filled with many opportunities that I did not get much break. It is not that I did not want a break; I actually enjoyed myself despite being busy and getting overwhelmed sometimes. I have been getting my hands-on on small and large projects.

I find myself reaching for coffee more often since summer break begun. I was busier than I was during school year. It’s all good, I am starting to get used to this intensity. Although there are still some parts where I still need to work on, like eating healthy and getting adequate rest so I don’t burnt out.

Besides that, my dance crew and I had spent some time together practicing to put together a dance video!

The Dy-Nasty Warriors presents:
Mirros by Justin Timberlake

Here are some behind the scene of the shooting!
We had lots of fun~

Summer break!
My summer is no longer a break @@ juggling 2 jobs and 2 website projects on top of summer school! How am I doing this??! It's okay... I just need to carefully manage my time.
(Easier said than done)

And I came to realize I'm no superwoman. I need rest and time for myself.

Will try to keep you guys posted on my social medias!

Tech Up.
I'm liking the hashtag functionality of Facebook so far :D and the iOS 7 looks sleek!

Summer break!
Summer is here! :) I got a summer job, a website project, and summer school to keep me busy~

T _ T
An endless stream of exams and projects
4 more weeks until summer!

Say what?
Break is over! Midterms are coming~

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